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Accelerated infrastructure construction, sales

by:Laike     2020-07-29
49,000 units! National sales of excavators hit a record monthly high in March, with a year-on-year increase of 11.6%. Domestic sales of 46,600 units accounted for 94.3% of total sales. Excavator parts manufacturers found that infrastructure investment led to the growth of excavator sales, and the entire excavator parts industry chain was improving.
Under the impact of the epidemic, the downward pressure on my country's economy continues to increase. Among the troika driving economic growth, consumption is still affected because the epidemic has not passed, and exports have been under pressure due to the spread of overseas epidemics. In this context, the importance of stable investment to stable growth is more prominent.

Among the three major investments, infrastructure investment has an immediate impact on the economy. Since March, a large number of key infrastructure construction projects such as municipal engineering, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, and transportation have started construction, driving excavator sales to rise against the trend, the 'excavator index' continues to rise, and the operating rate continues to increase, driving the entire excavator accessories industry Chain development. Eat a 'reassuring pill' for people who care about stable investment.
Excavator sales have hit record highs for many reasons. On the one hand, the demand affected by the epidemic in January and February began to be gradually released in March. On the other hand, as a 'vane' for investment and construction of downstream infrastructure projects, the monthly sales volume of excavators hit a new high, which also shows that the stable investment policy is exerting force. As a result, the construction volume of new downstream projects increased significantly.

There are still many shortcomings in the field of infrastructure construction in my country, and there is still a lot of investment space. As the world's largest developing country, China's per capita capital stock still has a large gap with developed countries. In the traditional infrastructure, we still have a lot of historical debts that need to make up for shortcomings. For example, there are weaknesses in the construction of urban parking lots, the renovation of old communities, the renovation of underground pipeline networks, and the construction of ecological and environmental protection projects. Investing in these projects can benefit both supply and demand and promote a 'dual upgrade' of industry and consumption. In the field of new infrastructure, there is also a lot of room for 5G base stations, big data centers, industrial infrastructure improvement, public platforms and other R&D and innovation infrastructures, and these are all places where investments should be made.

Affected by foreign epidemic situation, import and export trade. The domestic excavator parts market is ushering in new opportunities. Excavator parts manufacturers understand that many manufacturers are full of orders, and supply is in short supply. Our company produces bucket shafts and sleeves. At present, the order has been filled for two months, and we will work overtime to catch up with the goods. While catching up with the speed, Laike excavator parts will never leave the quality behind. We must strictly control the quality and ensure the quality and quantity to meet customer requirements.
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