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Analysis of the cause of abnormal noise of excavator parts

by:Laike     2020-07-28
The abnormal noise of excavator parts is a headache for many digging friends. The abnormal noise of key components will increase the degree of wear and affect the service life. If you want to solve the problem of abnormal noise, you must first find the location of abnormal noise. How to find the root of abnormal noise through the phenomenon?

1. Abnormal sound phenomenon of excavator parts:

1. Make a squeaking noise during assembly work

2. Abnormal working noise (engine abnormal noise) during excavator operation

3. When the rotation of the excavator stops, the abnormal sound of the rotary motor of the excavator (abnormal noise of the rotary of the excavator)

4. Abnormal noise when the excavator rotates left and right (excavator rotating abnormal noise)

2. Reasons for abnormal sound of excavator parts work:

1. Run the equipment and judge the abnormal noise to the pin position of the root of the automatic arm

2. The uneven lubrication of the pin shaft causes the excavator to work abnormally

3. There is a gap between the crank connecting rod mechanism and the gas distribution mechanism of the excavator accessories, which causes the excavator to work abnormally.

4. Improper adjustment or failure of engine supply system leads to abnormal noise of excavator engine

5. There is a problem with the rotary motor

6. The oil return back pressure valve is stuck by welding.

7. The oil supply time lags, which leads to the abnormal noise of excavator working.

8. The air filter and air inlet hose of excavator parts are blocked.

9. The fault of the fuel injector caused the abnormal noise of the excavator.

3. Abnormal sound of oil cylinder

1Check whether the hydraulic oil level is normal. Insufficient oil level may cause the main pump to suck up and produce abnormal noise during working load. Check the oil level to eliminate this fault.

2Check whether there is iron filings in the hydraulic oil or whether there is iron filings in the circuit. The iron filings and the piston rod may collide back and forth to cause abnormal noise.

3 Whether the piston lock nut in the cylinder is loose, the piston moves back and forth inside. If it is determined to be abnormal noise in the oil tank, it must be disassembled to see.

Four: abnormal sound of the rotating part

1. Excavator parts rotating large ring gear abnormal sound

2. There is abnormal noise when rotating to a fixed position, indicating that there is abnormal noise in the large gear ring.

3. Check whether the amount of butter in the ring gear is normal;

4. Whether there is foreign matter in the large gear ring.

Excavator accessories

Five: abnormal sound of rotating parts

1. Abnormal noise of gearbox: Disassemble and check whether the planetary gears and bearings of excavator parts are loose or broken.

2. Abnormal noise of rotating motor: Disassemble and check whether it is caused by the wear of internal components.

3. Abnormal sound of safety lock lever:

The possible reason is that the filter element at the connection position of the oil pipe of the pilot handle is clogged, so a sound is generated. The clogging causes insufficient pilot oil pressure, which affects the opening degree of the multi-way spool, resulting in a slow motion.

6. Abnormal sound of hydraulic pump

Type 8 machine is designed to reduce the noise of the hydraulic pump, so the sound will not be too big, such as abnormal noise:

1. First check the main pressure, it is best to contact a professional to do the performance test of the hydraulic pump of the excavator accessories.

2. Confirm whether the two output oil pipes of the hydraulic pump are severely shaken.

3. Confirm whether there is metal powder in the hydraulic oil return filter element inside the oil tank.

If the above three points are normal, you need to check from the following aspects:

1. Confirm whether to use genuine hydraulic oil and hydraulic return filter;

2. Whether the hydraulic oil is seriously polluted, so the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly. Long-life hydraulic oil is generally replaced in 5000 hours. If the working environment is dusty, it needs to be replaced a little in advance. In addition, the excavator for the crushing operation needs to be replaced every 2000 hours. Once, because the hydraulic oil is contaminated, it is difficult to achieve the proper lubrication and protection;

3. The oil path is not smooth, it may be that the hydraulic oil is insufficient or the oil suction filter is blocked, and the hydraulic pump is damaged after the air is sucked;

4. The installation accuracy of the hydraulic pump is not enough;

5. The excavator parts regulator and solenoid valve are not working properly, and the angle of the swash plate of the hydraulic pump cannot be adjusted to the required angle, causing the output flow of the hydraulic pump to not match the required flow, causing the abnormal noise of the pump;
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