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Any promotion team established by Laike Construction Machinery in foreign countries?
As a Manufacturer who is prepared to go global, besides promoting over the Net, Quanzhou Laike Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd has considered establishing a global advertising team. A Global marketing staff could be established via partnerships, we've been contemplating finding Venture chances while forming a global advertising team.

Laike Construction Machinery now has become a brand of its own in track link field. The excavator parts series is widely praised by customers. Laike bulldozer undercarriage parts is manufactured in a dust-free casting and molding workshop with high-technology advanced 3D modeling equipment, to improve its productivity and mold precision. It brings a low turning resistance for greater maneuverability. It is fully accepted by Laike Construction Machinery to send free samples first for idler wheel quality testing.

We hope to be satisfied with the long-term customer satisfaction of our products. We know that only when you can see a good job, the brand's image and name can get real value. Inquire now!
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