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Can excavator sprocket sample charge be refunded if order is placed?
This is possible if the excavator sprocket samples are offered not in free way. It is great honor for Quanzhou Laike Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd to be your supplier. If the sample charge cannot be refunded, a discount may be offered. If the sample charge is refunded, details may be listed in the contract signed.

Being the state-designated comprehensive manufacture of excavator parts, Laike Construction Machinery is a production base of bulldozer undercarriage parts in China. The idler wheel series is widely praised by customers. This product is not influenced by infrared and UV ray. Even it is exposed under the UV ray for a long time, it can still maintain its original colors and shape. Fatigue resistance is one of the most important mechanical properties of this product. If you are not confident enough in our quality of track roller, we can send free samples for testing first. This product allows trouble-free installation, saving time and money for the user.

We work with authorities at all levels to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy alternatives in the introduction of regulations, legislation and new investments.
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