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Causes and solutions of crawler excavators often

by:Laike     2020-07-15
For the excavator operator, the off-chain of the track is a frequently encountered problem. For the excavator, occasional off-chain is inevitable, because the working environment of the excavator is relatively harsh, the crawler into the soil or stones will cause off-chain.

Excavator fell off the chain

Excavator's crawler track deviates, which means that the track has deviated from the track composed of guide wheels, rollers, drive wheels and carrier sprockets. It is commonly known as 'dropping the chain'. Scene.

On the one hand, avoiding track derailment is that the driver needs to pay more attention when driving an excavator to turn. If he finds signs of the initial track derailment, he should lift the track and idle it. On the other hand, the frequent derailment of the track also shows that the chassis itself has a problem and needs to be repaired. Let's talk about the reasons and solutions for losing the chain:

Excavator track deviated

There are many reasons for the track derailment, but basically they can be classified into three categories.

First, because the four-wheel belts are not in the same plane, the track will deviate. This shows that the excavator needs to replace the guide wheel.

Second, the track is too loose, causing the track to deviate.

The elasticity of the crawler is adjusted by the tensioning cylinder pushing the guide wheel, and the tensioning cylinder is pushed by the grease gun to adjust the elasticity of the crawler, but in many cases the crawler cannot adjust the elasticity.

If the chain rail pin sleeve is worn out, the pin sleeve of each section must be replaced. But now it seems that few people now 'press the chain rail' to replace the pin sleeve, and more directly replace the chain rail.

Third, due to the wear of the chain guard, it will not work, causing the track to derail.

If you compare the chassis of an excavator to a bulldozer, you will find that some places are different. The bulldozer rarely falls off the chain even if the crawler is loose. That is because the chain guard of the bulldozer is a whole piece from the drive wheel to the guide wheel. , All the rollers are wrapped, and the excavator only has two and small chain guards, one in the middle of the roller position and one in the position of the guide wheel.

Once the chain guard is worn, the chain rail can easily slide out of the chain guard, causing the track to derail. At this time, the chain guard needs to be repaired or replaced.

Install excavator tracks

How to put the track back

I don’t think there is a certain standard for the method of putting the overrun track back. First of all, the chain nozzle should be removed, the butter should be released, and the track should be slack. Then, the excavator bucket and walking should be used to match If you put the track back, the easier it is to derail the track, the easier it will be.

Excavator track drops

If the track slides out of the track inward, the bucket will not reach the track. This requires the use of a wire rope to pull part of the track to the guide wheel or the drive wheel, and then rotate the drive wheel.

It is only necessary to pay attention to the operation. The excess distance of the slack of the crawler should be more at the installation place, and it is easier to install. After the position of the guide wheel and the driving wheel is installed, most of the track is installed, and the position of the roller can be passed. The method of jacking the idle track is installed.

The sprocket part can be installed directly with a bucket. If the bucket is out of reach, another method is to first jack up the track and then find a suitable wooden stick to support the track and ground on the position of the drag chain wheel In between, and then slowly lower the track, the track at the position of the drag chain wheel will be pushed up by the wooden stick, so as to install the track that is out of track.
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