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Domestic-made construction machinery parts technology

by:Laike     2020-07-25
   At present, my country's construction machinery accessories industry has formed a complete range of production, a certain production capacity and a scale of production and scientific research system, manufacturers of specialized production parts have occupied a certain proportion. However, problems such as backward product technology, unreasonable product structure, and unstable product quality still restrict the further development of my country's accessory industry, and are also the main reasons for the overall quality and reliability of the mainframe. Diesel engines, gearboxes, hydraulic pump motor valves and other components generally have 'three leaks'. The failure of the hydraulic system accounts for about 50% to 70% of the total. Among them, the failure of leakage due to accelerated aging and failure of seals, assemblies, etc. accounts for about 50% of hydraulic system failures. The problems of short life of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and bearings are also prominent.

  Take loader and excavator accessories as an example. Although the development of core supporting parts such as engines, transmissions and drive axles of domestic loaders is relatively mature, technical barriers have been broken, and major parts manufacturers have their own patented products, but this is just a macro 'viewing flowers'. Microscopically, the pressure of the hydraulic system of the loader parts does not reach the international standard, there is no corresponding distribution valve, and the reliability of the hydraulic pump is not optimistic; the transmission and bridge of less than 3 tons and more than 6 tons in the transmission system are still very Behind, especially in the mainframe is basically blank; a series of problems such as high failure rates of electrical components have not been fundamentally solved. The hydraulic system is the 'soft rib' of the domestic excavator. The quality control technology of the main valve is monopolized by foreign brands such as Kawasaki and Komatsu. The variable system and various components required for supporting small excavators under 30 MPa and less than 10 tons are all imported. .

  As mentioned above, the market is sending us a message: Technology is productivity, which is the source of domestic spare parts for survival and development, and it is also a weapon to defeat the enemy!

According to this, industry experts suggest that the domestic supporting parts industry should increase investment in technical transformation and quality management system, and qualified supporting enterprises should jointly invest or participate in joint research with mainframe enterprises; should strengthen the investment and management of technology development funds, formulate Reasonable development routes and methods, make full use of the power of enterprises, scientific research institutes and society, etc., based on existing technology, increase the intensity of independent development and innovation.

Therefore, the supporting parts industry should improve the level of electromechanical-hydraulic integration, intelligent control technology, hydrostatic transmission technology and load sensing adjustment technology; it is necessary to cultivate large supporting parts enterprises with strong strength and economic scale after asset reorganization or mergers and acquisitions Group; to break through the hydraulic components of hydraulic excavators, especially core technologies such as variable plunger pumps, motors and their matching reducers, as well as chip or integral multi-way valves, high-pressure oil cylinders; and to break through the integrated control of the loader transmission microcomputer , Full hydraulic drive and other technologies. Only in this way can more well-known brand enterprises appear in my country's construction machinery accessory industry and be invincible in the market competition.
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