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Excavator sales hit a new high, driving the development

by:Laike     2020-07-28
With the positive development of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the resumption of production in all walks of life across the country has accelerated. The construction machinery industry, as the 'iron armor' of national economic construction, is returning to life and ushering in a 'new spring'. In March 2020, the manufacturing companies included in the statistics sold a total of 49,408 excavators of various types, a year-on-year increase of 11.6%.

Excavator parts manufacturers reported that the sales of various types of excavators are very good, which can be described by the short supply, and even the scene of order queuing and one machine is difficult to find. Sales data show that Shandong Lingong sold 7,436 various types of complete machines in March, an increase of nearly 10 times over 878 in February. Among them, 4,102 excavators were sold, with a market share of 8.30%, ranking among the top three domestic brands. The year-on-year growth rate of 55.20% firmly holds the industry's first growth rate. Although the order has not been completed in April, the orders have been filled. From the data of the first half of April, the loader increased by 30% year-on-year and the average increase of the excavator reached more than 30%.

The resumption of production and production is accelerating. Dong Yanling, the dean of the Institute of Regional Economics at Shandong University of Finance and Economics and an investment consulting expert for the new and old kinetic energy conversion and guidance funds in Shandong Province, said that compared with other industries, the restructuring of construction and construction is highly controllable and the speed of resumption is fast. Currently, infrastructure investment is still the focus. The investment of 'Tie Gongji' still has considerable potential in China. Public health infrastructure construction, rural infrastructure and urban infrastructure are still the most important infrastructure construction projects. Infrastructure continues to increase, and the latest sales data of the excavator most intuitively shows that infrastructure investment has accelerated even more.
With the acceleration of infrastructure, excavator sales increased, and the subsequent market, the excavator parts market, was also busy. Linqing Kangnai Machinery specializes in the production of excavator parts, excavator bucket shafts, bushings, bearings and other accessories. Since the resumption of the epidemic, orders have continued and supply has been in short supply. According to the response of customers and peers, the entire industry presents this model. This is also the power of accelerated infrastructure.

Laike Machinery actively implements the requirements of the central government on the premise of doing a good job in prevention and control, and fully supports and organizes the promotion of the resumption of production of various production enterprises. Under the guidance of the higher authorities, it insists on grasping epidemic prevention and control on the one hand and production on the other. Operating. In order to ensure the safety of employees' lives and personal health, Cognex excavator parts are resumed in an orderly and precise manner, and production and operation have been quickly restored. It has provided product guarantees for customer product delivery and support for the construction of key national projects.
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