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Four precautions for surface coating of non-standard

by:Laike     2020-07-17
1. The surface of the non-standard chain sprayed and derusted should be immediately coated with primer. When painting, the surface should be clean and clean. The ambient temperature should be above 5℃, the humidity should be below 85%, and the surface temperature of the workpiece should not exceed 60℃;

2. When there is no special requirement for each part, one layer of primer (not including maintenance primer) should be coated with two layers of topcoat. No paint leakage is allowed. The color of each layer of paint should be different. The dry film thickness of each layer is 25~ 35 um, the total thickness of paint dry film is not less than 75um;

??Non-standard chain smooth roller and roller working surface can only be coated with a layer of anti-rust paint or top coat, and the inner wall of the roller is coated with fat rust paint.

??The exposed processing mating surface should be coated with protective grease, and the exposed processing non-cooperating surface (excluding the frame body) should be coated with topcoat or primer, with a dry film thickness of at least 35 feet;

??3. The topcoat should be applied again after installation and commissioning, and the damaged parts during transportation and installation should be repaired before painting;

??4. The coatings of non-standard chain primers and intermediate paints are not allowed to have defects such as pinholes, bubbles, cracks, shedding, sagging, and missed coatings; topcoats should be uniform, bright and complete.
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