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Future development characteristics of small construction

by:Laike     2020-07-17
?? The application field of small construction machinery in China is gradually expanding. In the next few years, its market growth potential is huge, and sales may reach 30,000 to 40,000 units per year. With the continuous improvement of my country's infrastructure construction, the domestic construction model will gradually change from 'major' to 'finely carved', and small construction machinery and equipment will have more and more room for application. With the gradual deepening of the construction of new countryside in China, the application of small equipment in the construction of rural areas and small cities and towns will be more and more; at the same time, with the construction of environmental protection, ecological construction, gardening, greening, farmland construction, etc. gradually increasing, Small construction machinery must also have a broader stage.

?? The purchase group of China's small construction machinery has expanded, and the purpose of purchase has become more rational. The groups that will buy small construction machinery in the future will be mainly: First, leasing companies, construction users do not need to purchase, maintain and store equipment, but only need to obtain the right to use the equipment in the form of leasing when needed; Second, construction units, they buy The equipment is to meet the regular use within the company; the third is the individual project contractor, the purchase of equipment is mainly for undertaking the project. Such customers are particularly large among small excavator buyers, and these individual buyers are likely to develop into rental companies and engineering contractors in the future. With the continuous popularization of small construction machinery, the customer's experience of use is also constantly enriched, and the purchase psychology is becoming more and more mature. Therefore, economical and practical products with high cost performance will be more favored by the market. While customers are more and more demanding on product quality, Higher requirements are also put on the after-sales service of the products.

??The pace of local superior companies entering the overseas market has accelerated. The price of Chinese local construction machinery is generally lower than similar products of international suppliers, which has better cost performance advantages and good export competitiveness; the product quality of local enterprises has been greatly improved and is close to the world's first-class level, so local advantageous enterprises Products will gain a larger market overseas, and the export volume will increase day by day; as local companies invest more in overseas markets, the construction of overseas sales and service outlets that have been hindering the export of local construction machinery has also been rapidly strengthened. These will definitely promote the rapid increase of local construction machinery exports.

?? From the perspective of product structure, small excavators will continue to grow, excavator loaders have greater growth potential, and skid steer loaders are relatively stable.

??Although the current domestic sales of excavator loaders are only 800-1000 units per year, exports also account for a considerable proportion. However, from the perspective of the development in the past two years, it is optimistic to estimate that the future annual sales of domestic backhoe loaders will be expected to reach 5,000 units. According to expert predictions, China's excavator market is already at a critical period when the introduction period is nearing its end and the growth period is about to start, with great development potential. In the next few years, its market growth rate should be around 15% to 20%. With the development of engineering construction projects, after 3 to 5 years, the backhoe loader will enter a rapid growth period.

China's skid steer loaders have been performing tepidly, and sales have been relatively small. Currently, it is mainly caused by two reasons: first, domestic users have insufficient understanding of skid steer loaders; second, current skid steer loaders and their The accessories are too expensive and exceed the current affordability of Chinese customers. However, as the market promotion of skid steer loaders continues to increase, customers' understanding of this product will continue to deepen, and domestic manufacturers continue to introduce affordable skid steer loaders and accessories that are adapted to China's national conditions. Will heat up quickly.
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