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Getting started in a minute Why some excavators

by:Laike     2020-07-22

'Looking at the turret to frighten people from a distance, looking at five pairs of heavy-duty wheels at close range' is a stalk that military fans know. For crawler construction machinery, there is no similar stalk.
Because the 'four wheels and one belt' of construction machinery is quite different from military vehicles. Construction machinery such as excavators, rollers are usually relatively small,
Not only that, but it is often wrapped up. Although a few pairs can be counted up close, the roller axles are counted, and the rollers are hardly visible. of course,
Most excavators can still directly see the rollers, only part of the rollers are wrapped.

So why do rollers need to be wrapped up, and why are there more or less? It turns out that the rollers that surround the rollers are called chain rail guards.
Chain guards, chain guards, and rail clamps are collectively called chain guards here, and their purpose is to prevent derailment.

Unlike military vehicles, due to the stability of work, most construction machinery does not have a suspension system, and the weight of the vehicle body is rigidly transmitted to the ground, and the weight
The wheels are also fixedly mounted on the track roller frame. Because there is no suspension, the rollers cannot always keep close contact with the track chain track.

In order to prevent derailment, our common 'four wheels and one belt' system has a track tensioning device on the one hand, and also relies on the rim of the roller on the other hand. but
The roller has a small diameter and the rim is not high, so it is better than nothing. Crawler construction machinery such as excavators pass through two
The difference in speed of the crawler is achieved, so it is inevitable that the crawler will have lateral friction on the ground, and the crawler will not be balanced under the lateral force.
It is easy to stagger the chain track and the supporting roller somewhere, and eventually lead to derailment.

There is this
The installation of chain rail guards can effectively improve the ability of the track to resist derailment, which is equivalent to adding a tall rim to some rollers, even if it is affected by a large lateral
Force, the chain rail is also difficult to escape from the chain rail guard. As for the number of installations, it depends on the working conditions. If it is a more uniform earthwork condition,
In fact, the risk of derailment is not large, so some small excavators mainly based on earthwork conditions are usually only installed with a pair, while medium-sized excavation under general conditions
The machine will generally install two or three pairs of equipment with requirements for blasting stone work conditions, such as large excavators, which will use full-length guards, which are all-inclusive
formula. Because the crawler walks on large stones, the lateral force on the crawler can be very uneven. ---What brand of roller is good in Qingdao

The roller rim cannot be made very high, the chain rail guard is equivalent to increasing the rim height

Of course, not only excavators, but other crawler equipment have similar problems, such as bulldozers. Since the bulldozer works by walking,
Therefore, there are higher requirements for derailment prevention, usually full-length guards are used. In fact, the chain guards on the excavator are transplanted from the bulldozer
Over here. Are there any disadvantages of the chain rail guard, of course, that is, if it is improperly operated, it is easy to get stuck in the foreign body, and at the same time, it is not convenient for the driver to timely
The problems with track rollers were found, and the maintenance of crawlers and track wheels also increased the trouble.
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