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How does the excavator accessory track not 'drop

by:Laike     2020-07-22

Excavator accessory track derailment is a problem often encountered during the use of excavators. Of course, occasional off-chain is inevitable, because the working environment of the excavator is relatively harsh, and too much soil or stones in the crawler will cause off-chain.

Excavator derailment is commonly known as 'dropping the chain', which means that the track is separated from the track composed of the guide wheel, the roller, the drive wheel and the support chain wheel. The crawler is equivalent to the 'foot' of the excavator. The excavator's crawler has a problem, just like a person's foot. How to walk when the foot is broken Not to mention work.

Let's talk about how to avoid track overruns. On the one hand, when driving the excavator, when the track's initial overtrajectory is found, the track should be lifted in time; on the other hand, the track's frequent overrun is also a problem with the excavator chassis itself. A signal that needs repair.

The causes of track derailment can basically be classified into the following three categories:

First, the four-wheel belt of the excavator is not on the same plane, which causes the track to derail

This shows that there is a problem with the guide wheel of the excavator, which needs to be replaced in time. Because only the guide wheel can move back and forth among the four wheels (guide wheel, roller, drive wheel, carrier chain wheel), wear of the moving parts and the center axis of the guide wheel will cause the guide wheel to swing left and right, causing the track to derail.
Second, due to the loose track, the track deviated

The tensioning cylinder pushes the guide wheel to adjust the elasticity of the track, and the tensioning cylinder is pushed by the grease gun to adjust the elasticity of the crawler, but in many cases the crawler cannot adjust the elasticity. If the excavator accessories are worn out, then the pin sleeve of each section must be replaced. But now it seems that few people now use the 'pressure chain rail' method to replace the pin sleeve, and more directly replace the chain rail.
Third, the wear of the chain guard causes the track to deviate

If you compare the chassis of an excavator and a bulldozer, you will find that some places are different. The bulldozer rarely loses the chain even if the crawler is loose. That is because the chain guard of the bulldozer is a whole piece from the drive wheel to the guide wheel. , All the rollers are wrapped, and the excavator only has two small chain guards, one in the position of the middle roller and one in the position of the guide wheel. Once the chain guard is worn, the chain rail can easily slide out of the chain guard, causing the track to derail. At this time, the chain guard needs to be repaired or replaced.
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