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How long it will take for OEM processing?
If you can not locate a readymade product for your job, please utilize the expert OEM support from Quanzhou Laike Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd to help you to get the perfect product within 3 weeks without sacrificing time to advertise or personalization. (For specific manufacturing time, please consult with our customer services.)

Many excellent agents and suppliers are willing to work for Laike Construction Machinery. The idler wheel series is widely praised by customers. The product features resistance to repeated sterilization. It can endure repeated sterilization cycles such as chemical, steam or gamma radiation sterilization without significant damage. It allows the dozer easily accessible for regular maintenance. Laike Construction Machinery's environmental management system have passed international certification. It is made from high strength standard grade steel.

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. With streamlined manufacturing processes, efficient on-demand options, state-of-the-art machinery, and fulfillment services, we will bring green solutions to customers every day. Get info!
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