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How many brands are marketed by Laike Construction Machinery?
Quanzhou Laike Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer that specialized in integrating design, production, sales and service of excavator sprocket rim for years. Equipped with advanced technology and experienced staff, we are an expert in providing finest-quality product. Since established, we have been sticking to the cooperate culture of Quality First and Customer Foremost and aim to become one of the leading suppliers in the world.

Laike Construction Machinery has facilities strategically located around the China. The sprocket rim series is widely praised by customers. Laike bulldozer undercarriage parts will go through the rough machining process such as material cutting, as well as the finish machining process such as polishing or plating. Laike Construction Machinery has become more prominent and has gradually gained more market share in idler wheel field. It brings a low turning resistance for greater maneuverability.

In years of manufacturing, we have recognized that protecting natural resources, promoting conservation, and improving the environment are fundamentally important to the quality of life and essential to sustaining a vibrant economy. We will become a global leader in environmental sustainability, becoming a model environmentally friendly manufacturer in managing solid waste, energy, water, and air. Get price!
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