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How many CLKF "track link are sold per year?
There is a balance between sales and output of "track link in Quanzhou Laike Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. We have buried in the production for years. We are able to meet the market demand. We have recorded year on year growth in sales volume.

Laike Construction Machinery has made an overall image of a new and high-tech excavator parts enterprise. The sprocket rim series is widely praised by customers. Laike bulldozer undercarriage parts is created by experienced designers from different places. They strive to design new shapes and motifs and determine to innovate more creative porcelain dinnerware. It is inspected and approved for dimensional compliance. Laike Construction Machinery consists of a the leading technical team from idler wheel trade. It is heat treated and annealed during the manufacturing process.

We care about our environment. We have involved ourselves in protecting it. We have formulated and executed many plans to reduce carbon footprints and pollution during our production stages. For example, strictly handle gases pollution using professional equipment.
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