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How many people in Laike Construction Machinery R&D department?
The number of employees in Quanzhou Laike Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd R&D department accounts for at least 20% of the total. R&D differs from the vast majority of corporate activities in that it is not intended to yield immediate profit and generally carries greater risk and an uncertain return on investment. This is a kind of secret info to us. We have spent years developing new services or products, and improving existing services or products.

Laike Construction Machinery is currently the largest research and production base for idler wheel. The idler wheel series is widely praised by customers. The product is able to hold acid food or liquid. It has been tested in a 4% concentration acetic acid tank to make sure the lead and cadmium precipitation is within the safe and healthy limits. It makes it possible for the bulldozer to run smooth with high efficiency. Laike Construction Machinery will do the follow-up with customers after the shipment. It is heat treated and annealed during the manufacturing process.

Our mission is to create and manufacture products in innovative ways and to enable people to achieve their business objectives through the product we provide.
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