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How to install excavator roller ?
Please refer to the detailed product page or contact our customer service department for self-installation instructions and what you need to know before placing an order. From the moment excavator roller is commissioned at your location, customer service will work and we will support you throughout its useful life. Our customer service will ensure fast, professional service.

Quanzhou Laike Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd company has considerable popularity in carrier roller industry. The track roller series is widely praised by customers. The shape and the pattern of Laike bulldozer track chains are designed by our professional designers who have many years of experience in glaze pattern making. It guarantees no problems such as fading and stripping. This product features a beautiful translucent appearance. The moulding process allows its body to be thinner and more delicately constructed. It is able to endure high operating temperatures.

Increasing customers' satisfaction is our business goal. We will go all out to improve our service ranges, including raw materials sourcing or product customizing.
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