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How to maintain the excavator accessories track

by:Laike     2020-07-26

The crawler is a commonly used walking part of construction machinery, and one of the main parts that is easily worn by excavators. Everyone knows that the more easily worn parts, if they can be used reasonably and scientifically, they can effectively extend the life of the crawler. So how to effectively extend the life of excavator accessory tracks?

How to maintain the excavator accessories track can be used longer!

1. Avoid unilateral wear of the tracks

In normal operation, due to the influence of the operator's operating habits or the operating environment, it is easy to cause unilateral wear of the crawler. In addition to trying to avoid it during normal operation, it can also switch positions regularly during operation to reduce excessive wear on one side. When the conditions do not allow or the driving wheel of the excavator parts and the meshing parts of the crawler have been severely worn, the left and right crawlers can be stopped and removed, and the position of the excavator parts can be replaced to reduce the excessive wear of the crawler.

2. Reasonable operation to avoid irregular movements

On-site operations have scientific operating specifications, which should be strictly observed. Especially during long-term load operations, repeated travel on inclined ground or sudden steering, it is easy to cause wear due to the contact of the side of the rail link with the side of the drive wheel and the guide wheel. Try to avoid timely maintenance during use.

3. The inspection and maintenance of the excavator accessories track must not be forgotten

In the process of use, the excavator accessory rollers, track shoe bolts, drive wheel mounting bolts, walking piping bolts and other components will be loosened due to long-term work of the equipment or excessive vibration. The loosened bolts can easily cause abnormal gaps between the bolts and the track shoe or cause cracks in the track shoe after being stressed, resulting in a sharp reduction in the service life of the track shoe. Therefore, it is best to regularly check the excavator accessory crawler according to the use status in use, and strengthen the loose bolts and nuts, which can also effectively enhance the service life of the excavator accessory crawler.

4. The new crawler Chemosa

Newly-exchanged excavator parts crawlers, people often think that the new machine can be used happily, often do not pay attention to the adjustment and maintenance of the crawler, and it is easy to cause the chain rail pin to be twisted due to improper running-in. Rotate the head to make the chain pin evenly stressed, which can effectively avoid premature track damage caused by the twist of the chain pin. The 'crankshaft shape' formed by the chain rail pin is easy to cause the wear of the chain rail hole, and finally leads to the increase of the chain rail pitch or the inability to directly mesh with the drive wheel. According to the conditions of use, pipe clamps should be used to rotate each chain rail pin by 60° on a regular basis to adjust the chain rail pin of excavator accessories reasonably.

In addition to the scientific operation of reasonable maintenance, if abnormalities are found, they should be dealt with in time to avoid machinery with faults. If the supporting chain wheel or roller of the crawler part of the excavator has no way to continue normal operation, it should be dealt with in time. This can not only effectively avoid abnormal damage of the crawler, but also avoid accidents and accidents caused by crawler problems.
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