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Installation method of crawler chain of crawler digger

by:Laike     2020-07-23
The characteristic machine of the track digging machine is that the pressure generated by the combined object under the same force is related to the contact area of ??the object. The larger the contact area, the smaller the pressure; the smaller the contact area, the greater the pressure. The track applies this principle. In fact, the structure of the track of the track digging machine is not complicated. The track is connected end to end and surrounds the outer contour of the wheel. After the digging machine is driven, the driving wheel is driven, and the driving wheel drives the track, pushing the body forward. The full weight of the digger equipment is concentrated by wheels on two tracks that are in direct contact with the ground. Due to the large contact area between the crawler and the ground, the pressure on the unit area of ??the ground is relatively reduced. Today, the sea technology editor will focus on the installation method of the crawler chain in the digging machine.

   Turn the chain pin joint to the middle height of both ends and knock it out. At this time, the track shoes can be placed flat and in a straight line, and the excavator walks unilaterally to the top of the track. At this time we need an iron bar to 'guide' the track shoes to 'right track'. Assemble from the driving wheel, put it under the track pad with an iron bar, prop up the machine to turn the track, then you need a person to operate and walk in the cab, while lifting the track, turn the track forward, pass the upper supporting wheel, and walk to For the position of the guide wheel, an object can be placed on the guide wheel. At this time, the two sides of the track are butted, and the live pin shaft can be assembled. This method is also suitable for rubber crawler assembly. Due to the aging of live pins, it is difficult to beat, and even welding and cutting equipment is required to assemble, so this method is generally not recommended.
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