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Introduction to the safe dismantling of crawler crane boom

by:Laike     2020-07-15
The track shoe is one of the chassis accessories of construction machinery and a wearing part of the construction machinery used. Now commonly used in construction machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, crawler cranes, paver and so on. According to different materials, it can be divided into: steel and rubber. Steel track shoes are mostly used in equipment with relatively large tonnage, and rubber track shoes are mostly used in equipment with small tonnage. ---Fujian crawler crane accessories

Due to the damage of the crawler to the road surface, it is strictly forbidden to drive on the highway. Therefore, the large crawler crane must be disassembled and transferred when it is transferred. How to realize the safe transfer of the large crawler crane is one of the key points in the safety management of crane machinery.

Let's take a look at following the track shoe manufacturers to learn how to safely transfer the crawler crane

Safe dismantling of large crawler crane

The disassembly of the large crawler crane is to disassemble the main body, counterweight, left and right crawlers and boom device of the crane. Before transitioning, a transition plan for crawler cranes should be worked out. Before decomposition, a firm foundation should be selected as a parking lot, and the workers should be given a safe account, familiar with the dismantling process and the structural performance of the dismantled crawler crane. ---Fujian crawler crane accessories

Dismantling of boom

1. Before disassembling the boom, ensure that the direction of the turntable and the track frame are the same. Before crawling the crawler crane, pay attention to the position of the main station, fully estimate the position of the rear head of the crawler crane, and stay away from high-voltage lines and other obstacles. At the same time, you must ensure the safe position of the crane with the removal of the rod.

2. The position of the main unit in front of the prone pole must be solid (because the center of gravity of the vehicle moves forward during prone pole, there is a risk of tipping), and there must be no obvious indentation after the track is rolled. If this condition is not met, the filling and rolling should be replaced. Or paving the road substrate before proceeding to the next step. ---Fujian crawler crane accessories

3. In order to prevent the overturning accident caused by the backward tilting of the main body of the main body or the lowering of the front when lying on the bar, it is necessary to place a wedge block on the front of the track when lying on the bar to make an angle between the track and the ground. When lying on the side, you need to install the side-pulling outriggers, and the bottom of the side-pulling outrigger cylinder needs to be paved with steel plates to increase the contact surface of the stress point.

4. When you lie on the bar, you need someone to observe the change of the head and the track, especially for the models with tower working conditions, you must pay attention to the position of the anti-roll cylinder or anti-roll bar, otherwise it is easy to bend the anti-roll bar, Or crack the boom in front of the anti-roll cylinder. ---Fujian crawler crane accessories

5. Auxiliary cranes are required for the models with tower-type operating conditions or jib. The auxiliary cranes must be given technical explanations to make them understand the purpose of the assistance and the steps to be matched.

After the boom is placed on the ground and leveled with a stirrup or sleeper pad, remove all the counterweights. Then lower the A-frame, adjust the luffing pulley group to an appropriate position, place it on the A-frame, disconnect the tension rope, remove the main and auxiliary lifting ropes, and wrap them into the drum respectively. After the above work is completed, the connecting pin of the boom can be withdrawn and the arm sections can be disassembled in turn. When installing or removing the jib, you must use lifting straps, and it is strictly prohibited to use steel ropes for lifting.
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