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Maintenance of excavator accessories in different

by:Laike     2020-07-28
If you want your machine to maintain good performance under extreme working conditions, it is very important to maintain your excavator accessories in harsh environments. Here are some suggestions for maintaining excavator accessories at the required work site.

1. Work in muddy water, rain and snow
Clean your excavator parts and lubricate every joint of the machine after work. Check loose and damaged parts and repair in time.

2. Work in the sea
Use fresh water to clean parts submerged in seawater to avoid corrosion of any excavator parts. After cleaning, lubricate the entire machine to repair loose parts.

3. Work outdoors
When working outdoors, the air filters of excavator accessories should be replaced more frequently than usual to prevent dust from entering the machine. The radiator of excavator parts is easy to be invaded by dust, which will affect the heat dissipation, so the radiator of excavator parts should be washed regularly with fresh water. The starter and motor rectifier should follow the same rules.

4. Work in the mine
Because there are too many hard rocks in the mine, attention should be paid to the excavator accessory chassis, wheels and belts. Crawler belts should be tighter than working on flat ground. The working device should be strengthened and replaced, because working in mountain areas is easy to damage.

5. Work at low temperature
When the excavator parts work at low temperature, special antifreeze diesel should be used, and antifreeze should be added to the cooling water to avoid damage to the water tank. The battery should be charged and stored to avoid freezing of the electrolyte.
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