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New product crawler digging machine

by:Laike     2020-07-23

The first domestic excavator digging machine crane integrated machine, exclusively launched by Odvo Machinery! This equipment uses an excavator as the main body. Compared with a tractor digger, the climbing ability is unparalleled. The 360-degree drilling pit and pole lifting work can be achieved without moving the car body. To 5-8 meters. Compared with the main body of the traditional four-wheel drive tractor, the paddy field, mountain road, snow, slope and other complicated road conditions, the main advantage of the crawler digger is obvious!

The crawler (excavator) digging crane integrated machine walking device is composed of a guide wheel, a follower wheel, a supporting wheel, a driving wheel and a crawler. During operation, the driving wheel wraps around the crawler track, and the rollers roll forward or backward on the track of the track. It has the advantages of low pressure on the unit area of ??the soil and good adhesion to the soil (not easy to slip), etc., when the soil is wet and soft The ground belt has better passing performance and high traction efficiency. It has the functions of digging pits, booms and uprights. ---Where are Hunan tracked crane rollers

Features of the machine:

l All the machine parts of the machine are installed on an integral frame, and the frame is fixed on the tractor gear box (the original traction plate position) by six bolts, so the supporting tractor does not need any restructuring. ---Where are Hunan tracked crane rollers

2. The digging works rely on mechanical power to dig, with strong load capacity and high efficiency.

3. It is operated by one person, and the person does not get off the machine during the operation. Through the joystick, he can control the ups and downs, floating and drilling depth of the drilling head.

4. Drilling and digging are stable, the quality of the pit is good, and the dug soil is piled near the pit edge.

5. The machine has compact structure, strong durability and convenient maintenance.

Operation rules of crawler digging machine:

(1) Check whether there is oil in the oil tank of the digging machine, and start the engine of the digging machine

(2) Align the drill bit with the center of the mark of the pit to be dug, press the work switch, the engine drives the drill bit to rotate into the soil; the drill bit cuts the center part of the soil, and then the blade at the lower end of the drill blade cuts the soil, and the cut soil is subjected to centrifugal force Throwing towards the cave wall and rising to the ground along the spiral blade under the action of friction force and being thrown around the cave pit; ---Where are the track rollers of the Hunan crawler crane

(3) After digging to a predetermined depth, slowly lift the digger. After the drill bit of the digger leaves the ground, release the work switch to complete the digging process.
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