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Precautions for daily cleaning and maintenance

by:Laike     2020-07-18

Roller chain is an important mechanical accessory in modern manufacturing industry and a basic accessory for transmission and operation. It is widely used in the production process of modern manufacturing industries such as bicycles, ships, mechanical equipment, home appliances, etc. Plays an important role in promoting. The chain needs regular maintenance during use to ensure the normal operation of machinery and other equipment.

The frequent use of roller chains increases wear and tear. Adding lubricant regularly can reduce the burden and make the transmission more smooth, so pay attention to the following points for daily maintenance of chain machinery accessories:

1. Clean the chain. During the cleaning process, do not wipe the chain too dry.

Second, you can use general detergent, do not use highly corrosive washing powder, as this is not clean, it will easily lead to rust.

3. The long-handled hard brush can be used to process the surrounding parts, to achieve the purpose of simple cleaning.

In summary, the periodic cleaning and maintenance of the sprocket can extend the service life of the chain and other mechanical accessories, let it give full play to its advantages, promote the efficient operation of mechanical equipment, and ensure its stable performance.
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