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Prospects for the development of the machinery industry

by:Laike     2020-07-19
1. Introduction to the machinery manufacturing industry
As an important pillar industry of China's economy, machinery manufacturing industry is also one of the industries where China has comparative advantages in the world. The machinery manufacturing industry can be roughly divided into: general equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, and instrumentation manufacturing.
2. Industry Development Overview
Machinery manufacturing serves as the foundation of the national economy, the support of industrialization and the carrier of economic transformation. Both the optimization of industrial structure and the adjustment of regional structure are inseparable from the development of machinery manufacturing. China's machinery manufacturing industry needs to go through the process of import substitution to increase exports. China is in the late stage of import substitution.
With the increase in the urbanization rate, investment in infrastructure and real estate construction has increased significantly. The investment-driven growth method has greatly increased the demand for mechanical equipment, coupled with the improvement of import substitution and the use of financial leverage. The machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly in the past two decades. However, with the economic growth slowing down, the urbanization rate region is gradual, the industry development is in the late stage of import substitution and a rational and steady development stage.
3. The development trend of the industry:
1. Increase exports
Chinese machinery manufacturing enterprises have achieved rapid growth in the period of China's heavy industrialization and urbanization. From 2003 to 2011, the compound growth rate of the output value of the machinery industry reached 26.8%. Large enterprises have accumulated strong capital strength and strong technological advantages. On the one hand, the company needs to seek deeper technology accumulation and innovation sources overseas. On the other hand, the company needs to cooperate with developed countries to support the company's continued growth while the domestic market growth slows down. Some of China's leading machinery companies are mature, cost-effective, and powerful in capital, which has laid a good foundation for their international development.
2. Overseas M&A
At present, many domestic enterprises have begun to take the route of overseas mergers and acquisitions, through overseas mergers and acquisitions to achieve the effect of overseas expansion and the introduction of foreign advanced technology. Through this overseas merger and acquisition model, China's machinery manufacturing industry optimizes the after-sales service system while opening up international sales channels, making it clear that the positioning of domestic machinery manufacturing companies is cost-effective.
3. Transformation and upgrading
Energy conservation and environmental protection is a key project of the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan, and the country’s investment in environmental protection will be further increased. It is expected that during the “Twelfth Five-Year” period, the total investment in environmental pollution control will reach 3 trillion, which will promote China Machinery The transformation of manufacturing industry The development of traditional equipment manufacturing industry will tend to be gentle, and the rapid growth of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment will be used as a necessary process for the transformation of machinery manufacturing industry.
With the increase of exports, the deepening of overseas cooperation and deepening of transformation. China's machinery manufacturing industry will still make steady progress. The special equipment manufacturing industry is an important industry that provides equipment for various sectors of the national economy and defense and infrastructure construction. It is also affected by this development trend, and the overall growth rate is relatively fast. In the future, with the in-depth implementation of the major equipment policies to revitalize the country, the construction of professional equipment manufacturing will be supported by the government and the market, and the special equipment manufacturing industry will attract good development opportunities.
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