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Several cases of excavator off-chain

by:Laike     2020-07-24

There are many reasons for the excavator delinking. In addition to crawling into the stone, impurities and other causes of delinking accidents, as well as crawler deformation, gear ring, chain protector failure, the excavator delinks, and improper use of the excavator will also Leading to its off-chain, so now to summarize, what causes most people's off-chain:

First, many people do not remember whether the oil cylinder has been hit with butter due to the failure of the tightening cylinder. This way it is easy to cause off chain. Also, take a look at the tightening cylinder for oil leakage. The words are dealt with immediately.

Secondly, whether the crawler is worn seriously. If it is used for a long time, the track must be worn very seriously, and if the chain part on the track is worn seriously, it is also very easy to cause the track to be off-chain --- Dalian track assembly manufacturer

Third, the drive motor gear ring is seriously worn. This can be said to be the cause of most people's off-chain. The serious wear is not willing to be replaced, which leads to frequent off-chain. Don't let yourself frequently change the chain in order to save some money.

Fourth, do not often check whether the screws on the guide wheel are missing or broken. Is there any modification to the groove of the card guide wheel?
Off-chain is a very troublesome thing. The above points need to be paid attention to frequently. If your excavator is often off-chain, you need to pay attention to the above points. Of course, there are other possibilities. Regular inspection is a good thing to avoid delaying construction.
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