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Several main points of maintenance of crawler crane

by:Laike     2020-07-22
At present, there are many cranes at home and abroad, no matter how good the performance and quality of the crawler crane (hereinafter referred to as crawler crane), if the maintenance is not in place, the crawler crane will often fail, which directly affects the service life of the crawler crane. So what are the maintenance points of crawler cranes?
Anti-corrosion of the whole vehicle steel structure

The steel structure of the crawler crane is the skeleton of the entire crane. If the steel structure is rusted, it will not only affect the appearance, but also be more likely to cause various accidents due to structural corrosion. In particular, the chord pipe of the boom part (the main chord pipe with individual crawler cranes is angle steel, such as the Manitowc 4600 sequence, 250 sequence, etc. of the United States Manitowoc), and the abdominal tube is the main load-bearing component of the entire crane. A certain degree of rust will affect the performance of the steel structure, resulting in accidents such as fracture. Therefore, paint should be repaired in time if there is paint falling or bruising.
Full articulated hinge points and bearings are lubricated in time

The maintenance points are: the lubrication of movable parts such as the hinge pin of the arm frame, the connecting pin of the track shoe, the bearing of the pulley block, the track roller, and the track roller.

Engine maintenance

Before the crawler crane is used, the amount of engine oil and coolant water level should be added. If more is found, it should be added in time. The oil level of diesel fuel should also be checked before entering the vehicle to avoid the lack of oil after the vehicle is used to cause the suction pump to enter the air. At least the flameout needs to be evacuated, and the engine performance is seriously affected. The oil, fuel and coolant should be replaced before the northern season changes. The low-viscosity oil should be used for the summer-to-winter engine oil, the winter diesel oil should be used as the fuel oil, and the coolant should be selected according to the local average winter temperature in the past years. When the engine runs for the number of hours in the instruction manual or after observation that the engine oil is deteriorated, the engine oil of the same grade should be replaced.

Hydraulic system maintenance

The hydraulic system should use T32 or the same grade of hydraulic oil in winter, and remove the water from the oil-water separator in time to avoid freezing and bursting oil grid. The hydraulic oil grid should be replaced after reaching the use time according to the requirements of the crane operating instructions. When the daily inspection finds that the hydraulic oil grid is dirty, the hydraulic oil grid should be replaced even if the maintenance and replacement time limit is not reached. Under certain conditions, it is necessary to carry out a hydraulic system filter cleaning.
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