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Talking about hydraulic drive motor of crawler excavator

by:Laike     2020-07-16
Anyone who knows the excavator knows that the excavator's walking and work are done by hydraulic pressure, and some people may ask, also walking on a track, why the tank can walk so fast, but the excavator lacks only Go slowly?

This is the difference between the power output system. The tank is mechanically rigid and walks. Like the driving method of the car, the gear set is switched through the gearbox to coordinate the relationship between power and speed. The excavator is driven by hydraulic drive, and It is not that the hydraulic drive will be slower than the mechanical transmission, but it is determined by the work demand. The so-called demand determines production. The excavator does not need a high walking speed when it operates, but requires a large driving force, so the excavator uses a column. Plug-type drive motor, the biggest feature of this hydraulic drive motor is the output of low speed and high torque.

Hydraulic drive motors are generally divided into gear type, vane type, plunger type and other forms. Since the excavator uses a plunger type, today's gear type and vane type will not be introduced much. I hope to have the opportunity to talk to you again in the future Discuss together.
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