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The old driver must know the main points of crawler

by:Laike     2020-07-15
Effective maintenance and maintenance of equipment can ensure the good performance of crawler crane equipment, increase the service life of equipment, reduce the possibility of accidents in crawler crane operations, and thus reduce delays and obtain better economic benefits. First of all, we should have a comprehensive, in-depth and meticulous understanding of the mechanical equipment used, carry out regular and irregular inspections in the daily operation process, clarify the deficiencies and design defects of the equipment, and make detailed details of the existing problems and defects Analysis to determine the best and most appropriate maintenance method. Regular and proper maintenance is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the healthy operation of crawler crane equipment.

Track maintenance, bottom maintenance can not be ignored

The life of the track chain depends on the tension of the track and whether the adjustment is reasonable. Therefore, you should always check the deflection of the upper track. The inspection method is: first clean the crawler, put a wooden wedge on the back of the driven wheel, and then start the walking crawler to squeeze the wooden wedge, so that the lower end of the crawler ground is tensioned, and the slack part of the upper part is deflected. Straightedge measures the lower deflection, the normal deflection is generally 8 ~ 15mm.

The track tensioning device is composed of an oil cylinder, a tensioning beam and a tensioning spring. The method of tensioning is: use a high-pressure oil gun to inject calcium-based grease from the oil injection nozzle into the oil cylinder, push the piston, and then push the driven wheel to move through the tension beam to achieve track tensioning. When slack is needed, slowly turn the oil injection valve counterclockwise to loosen it, and the grease will drain from the oil drain. Note: If the sag amounts of the left and right tracks are different, the track will run off.

Pay attention to the rust situation of the whole car structure, decent maintenance is very important

The skeleton of the entire crane of the crawler crane is made of steel, which may cause various accidents due to rust. Therefore, paint should be repaired in time if there is paint falling or bruising. At the same time, contact with corrosive liquids or objects should be avoided, and contact should be removed in time. Usually do the cleaning work, and clean up the sludge, water stains, and unknown objects in time.

Regular lubrication work, special attention should be paid to key connection ports

The lubrication of various parts of the crane should be checked frequently, periodic lubrication should be done, and lubricants should be added or replaced on time. The main areas of concern are: the lubrication of active parts such as the hinge pin of the boom, the connecting pin of the track shoe, the bearing of the pulley block, the track roller, and the track roller.

The core engine 'heart', don't forget

1. Check the engine oil quantity and water level before using the crawler crane. If it is found to be lacking, it should be added in time.

2. The oil level of diesel fuel should also be checked before entering the vehicle to avoid the lack of oil after the vehicle is used to cause the suction pump to enter the air.

3. The oil, fuel and coolant should be replaced in advance before the northern season changes. The low-viscosity oil should be used for the summer-to-winter engine oil, the winter diesel oil should be used as the fuel oil, and the coolant should be selected according to the local average winter temperature in the past years.

4. When the engine runs for the number of hours in the instruction manual or after observation that the engine oil is deteriorated, the engine oil of the same grade should be replaced.

According to different equipment lifespans, it is necessary to use the daily, monthly, and annual segmentation method for maintenance and repair-Quanzhou crawler crane

The daily maintenance and inspection are mainly:

Check whether the engine oil, coolant in the water tank, hydraulic oil and diesel are missing.

Check whether the locks and pins of the four wheels and belts, pulleys, bearings, wire ropes, booms, profiles, pins, and tethers are worn and operating normally.

Check whether the operating device, safety device, electrical device, various instruments and indicator lights are normal. ---Quanzhou crawler crane

Monthly maintenance and inspection are mainly:

Check whether the oil filter element of the diesel engine (must be replaced in 300 hours), fuel filter element (must be replaced in 300 hours), and the oil-water separator are blocked.

Whether the driving wheels, guide wheels, supporting wheels and tugs are loose or leaking oil, and whether the track shoes and track frames collide or deform.

Whether the brake, clutch and support are filled with oil, whether the fixing bolt is, whether the speed machine, motor, valve block and pipeline are leaking. Is the work normal? ---Quanzhou crawler crane

The annual maintenance and inspection are mainly:

Replace the engine three filters, hydraulic system three filters, air filter element, hydraulic oil, reducer gear oil.

Clean the appearance of each hydraulic component and solve or replace the problem in time.

Check whether the steel wire rope and the tension rope are rusted or badly worn, whether the hydraulic pipes and electrical lines are damaged, and if they find any problems, they must be replaced.
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