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Track chain maintenance

by:Laike     2020-07-16
?? 1. The crawler chain should be checked frequently and moistened with lubricating oil.

??2. During the first week of using the crawler loader, the tightness of the crawler should be checked every day; at least every 50 hours thereafter. If the tightness is not correct, the track will not work properly. When the track is loose, remember not to make it too tight, because it can cause excessive wear on the roller bearings and idler bearings, and can cause power loss and track wear.

??3. In order to facilitate the monitoring of the crawler, the service life and maintenance of the machine can be recorded, which will help you decide when to replace the crawler. No matter whether any products need our continuous maintenance, only by continuously strengthening the protection of the products during the use process can the service life of the crawler be better increased.
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