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Track shoe manufacturers talk about the causes

by:Laike     2020-07-22
The excavator track is composed of chain link, chain track sleeve, track pin, track shoe and track shoe bolt. The market price of a pair of crawlers ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. In addition to the manufacturing quality, the service life of the crawler is mainly related to the driver's operation and use. Correct operation will extend the service life of the crawler and reduce the construction cost. .
Causes of track damage:

1) The stones in the crawler are not removed in time. During the construction of the excavator, dirt or gravel will roll into the crawler and will be squeezed between the guide wheel, the drive wheel and the crawler as the crawler rotates, which will cause the crawler to be Elongated. When the pressing force in the track exceeds the bearing capacity of the chain track, the chain track will break. If mud or crushed stone rolls into the chain track, the guide wheels and rollers will not be controlled by the rail chain, and the soap will be crawled into the track. At this time, if the driver does not loosen the tensioning cylinder of the crawler but forces the crawler to derail, the crawler is easy to break, and at the same time, it will accelerate the wear of the crawler and the four wheels (guide wheel, roller, support chain wheel, drive wheel).

2) Improper choice of walking path The construction road and site of the earthwork are uneven. If the driver does not choose a better walking route when moving the excavator, when the crawler is pressed against the protruding part of the road, the crawler will have a certain point Bear the weight of the machine; seriously violate the safety operation regulations, and often walk on a road with a slope of more than 30° (the operation specification is 30°). When the machine cannot climb up, the bucket is inserted into the soil and it is stretched against the arm cylinder Climb the hill with a power-assisted method.

The above-mentioned practices are easy to damage and strain the track.

3) Improper maneuvering when turning, when one track is walking, the other track is not moving, only rotating on the ground; it is blocked by the higher part of the road surface, and the engine power is forcibly pushing the track to rotate. The track will be strained.

4) The unevenness of the apron causes the excavator to be in the 'three legs' state, violating the safety operation regulations.

Especially when excavating on the rock after blasting, due to the different size of the stone particles, the apron is not easy to level, which causes the excavator crawler to be unevenly loaded; the excavator crawler is pressed between the bracket and the stone. When the machine loads and rotates, the weight of the whole machine is almost entirely concentrated on the single-sided crawler track. The crawler track is pulled or broken due to stress concentration. ---Where to buy Tangshan track shoes

5) Failure to check the tension of the crawler in time. Excessive looseness in the crawler can cause wear; the crawler and the guide wheels and rollers are not in a straight line when walking, which can cause nibbling and derailment and damage the crawler.
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