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Understand the excavator roller

by:Laike     2020-07-19

It is believed that the machine friends often buy some inferior products during the purchase of excavator consumables. For most of these people, they will be helpless. The newly installed roller will leak oil in less than two days, which is not durable. The excavator walks and grinds. The sound of iron was harsh.

So why are these rollers so durable? The main reason is that the merchants choose inferior steel and sell it at a price much lower than the market price in order to seize the market. However, they can still get considerable profits despite the low price. On the other hand, some owners like to buy low-priced products. As the saying goes, Isn't it cheap?

High-quality rollers mainly depend on its steel properties. The materials of roller wheels are generally 50Mn, 40Mn2, (MN: synonymous with fierce elements), the manufacturing process is divided into casting or forging, mechanical processing, and then heat treatment, after the surface of the wheel is quenched The hardness reaches HRC45~52 to increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface. The processing accuracy of rollers is relatively high. Generally, CNC machine tools are required to process to meet the requirements. The material is more than 40Mn2, and the hardness reaches about HRC42.

The structure of the roller is mainly divided into the wheel body, roller shaft, bushing, seal ring, and end cover. If the hardness of the roller shaft and bushing of the roller you choose is not up to standard, then There will be oil leakage less than a few days after installation. It is recommended that each product purchased should be carefully checked for its structure, brand, price and where to buy it. If it is not easy to use, do not repeat it next time. When buying, you can also talk to the supplier about quality problems, and tell him your requirements for the product. If there is a few days of oil leakage, how to solve it.
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