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What about the maximum supply of undercarriage sprocket by Laike Construction Machinery per month?
Quanzhou Laike Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd has our own factory. In order to handle large orders, we have introduced a complete set of manufacturing machines and innovative technologies to carry out large-scale production of undercarriage sprocket to meet customer requirements. In the busy season, we have the ability to effectively process orders to provide the best service.

The business of Laike Construction Machinery has a global reach with production sites all over the worlds. The carrier roller series is widely praised by customers. Laike undercarriage sprocket meets the newest national and hardware industries quality standards in regards to its production workmanship as well as specification requirements. This product allows trouble-free installation, saving time and money for the user. This product has the advantage of the non-slip function. Its ergonomic design provides both grip and maximum friction on the surface. It makes it possible for the bulldozer to run smooth with high efficiency.

We work closely with our suppliers to protect the future for our natural resources and ensure economic growth for neighboring communities.
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