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What are the excavator accessories

by:Laike     2020-07-25
   Excavator accessories usually refer to the parts that can constitute a complete excavator. In industry, it usually refers to wear parts or detachable parts according to structural requirements. Excavator accessories include large assembly machines and many small accessories. The following is the introduction of Lianyong Machinery about the excavator parts included;

1. The electrical appliances mainly include; starting motor, computer board, automatic oil filling motor, operating lever assembly, display screen, throttle cable, solenoid valve, Xiao, horn button, relay, instrument panel, safety film, monitor, control panel, air conditioner Compressor, vehicle wiring harness, suction pump, governor, connector, timer, plug, preheat resistance, safety device, operation lamp, fuse diesel meter, horn assembly, controller, switch, magnetic switch, hydraulic pump Pressure switch, oil pressure switch, flameout switch, ignition switch, sensor, water temperature sensor, oil sensor, diesel sensor, automatic throttle motor sensor, sensor, single leg sensor

2. Chassis components mainly include: guide wheels, bracket sprockets, rollers, drive teeth, chains, chain links, chain pins, bucket shafts, four-wheel belts, chain track components, guide wheel brackets, slewing bearings, crawlers, Rubber tracks, track components, track shoes, tensioning devices, tensioning cylinder seats, tensioning cylinders, universal transverse shafts, chain plate screws, large springs, chain plates, chain links, chain guards and bottom guards.

3. The mechanical parts are pure mechanical parts that provide power support, such as standard large and small arms, long arm of excavator, extended large and small arms, including two long arms and three long arms, the latter is a floor disassembly arm . Standard bucket, rock bucket, reinforced bucket, ditch bucket, grid bucket, screen bucket, cleaning bucket, tilt bucket, thumb bucket, trapezoid bucket.

4. Hydraulic components; main oil seals, repair kits, O-rings, pump repair kits, breaker repair kits, distribution valve repair kits, hydraulic pump repair kits, rotary pump repair kits, cylinder repair kits, travel motor repair kits, hydraulic cylinders , Piston, middle arm cylinder, bucket cylinder, air cylinder, tensioning cylinder, piston rod, big nut and big arm cylinder.

5. Structural components include engine, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, slewing, slewing bearing, walking drive, cab, control valve, overflow valve, main control multi-way valve, etc.

   Excavator parts are special industrial equipment parts, which require special equipment to operate efficiently and with high quality. Although there are many excavator parts, each one is essential. I hope these can help you better understand the excavator accessories.
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