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What are the excavator accessories? What are the

by:Laike     2020-07-26
1. Standard size arm, excavator lengthened arm, lengthened arm (including two-section extended arm and three-section extended arm, the latter is the demolition arm).
2. Standard bucket, rock bucket, reinforced bucket, ditch bucket, grid bucket, screen bucket, cleaning bucket, inclined bucket, thumb bucket, trapezoid bucket.
3. Bucket hook, rotating hydraulic grab, hydraulic gripper, gripper, wood gripper, mechanical gripper, quick-change joint, ripper.
4. Quick connector for excavator, excavator oil cylinder, breaker, hydraulic shear, hydraulic ram, vibrating hammer, bucket teeth, tooth seat, crawler, support chain wheel, roller.
5. Engine, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, center slewing, slewing bearing, walking drive, cab, control valve, overflow valve, main control multi-way valve, etc.

6. Electrical components, including starter motor computer board, automatic refueling motor, operating lever assembly, display screen, throttle cable, solenoid valve, Shaw, horn button, relay, dashboard, fuse, monitor, control panel, air conditioning compression Machine, vehicle wiring harness, suction pump, governor, connector, timer, plug, preheat resistance, fuse, work light, fuse diesel meter, horn assembly,
7. Controller, switch, magnetic switch, hydraulic pump pressure switch, oil pressure switch, flameout switch, ignition switch, sensor, water temperature sensor, oil sensor, diesel sensor, automatic throttle motor sensor, sensor, single foot Sensors, angle sensors, speed sensors, pressure sensors.
8. Chassis parts, including guide wheels, carrier sprockets, rollers, drive teeth, chains, chain links, chain pins, bucket shafts, four-wheel belts, chain track assemblies, guide wheel brackets, slewing bearings, crawlers, rubber Tracks, track assemblies, track shoes, tensioning devices, tensioning cylinder seats, tensioning cylinders, universal cross shafts, chain plate screws, large springs, chain plates, chain links, chain guards, bottom guards.
9. Hydraulic parts, including main oil seal, repair kit, O-ring, pump repair kit, breaker repair kit, distribution valve repair kit, hydraulic pump repair kit, rotary pump repair kit, cylinder repair kit, travel motor repair kit, hydraulic Cylinder, Piston, Middle Arm Cylinder, Bucket Cylinder, Cylinder Tube, Tension Cylinder, Piston Rod, Big Nut, Big Arm Cylinder.

Types of excavator accessories
Excavator parts can be roughly divided into two categories: mechanical parts and electronic parts. The mechanical parts and the drive control part are complementary to each other. The electronic control part is used to drive and coordinate the work of each mechanical part effectively regardless of the problem. The components are fed back to the electronically controlled components, so as to coordinate the work of the excavator more effectively and achieve its highest working efficiency.
1. The mechanical parts are pure mechanical parts to provide power support, mainly including hydraulic pumps, grabs, booms, crawlers, engines, etc.
2. The electronic parts are the drive control part of the excavator, which is used to drive the mechanical parts for reasonable work, mainly including computer version, hydraulic flow controller, angle sensor, diesel meter, fuse, ignition switch, oil suction pump, etc.
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