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What caused the skidding of the semi-trailer drive wheels?

by:Laike     2020-07-17
First of all, the reason why the wheels can run normally is that in principle, the friction between the wheels and the ground is greater than the traction on the wheels. So where does the friction come from? Undoubtedly, it comes from the normal contact between the pressure-bearing tire and the road surface, and the bearing pressure comes from the vehicle itself. The weight of the cargo and the weight of the cargo.

??Leverage will occur when the car is full of cargo or when the empty vehicle is going uphill. The rear wheel of the trailer will carry the main pressure, and the front of the trailer will slightly lift up, and the driving wheel may slip. The reason why it will slip on uphill and other similar road conditions is because the tire grip is low, that is, the old driver can't hold the car.

?? After this problem occurs, the problem of skidding can be solved in a short period of time by adjusting the position of the cargo being pulled in the carriage, leading the cargo as far as possible, and increasing the pressure of the driving wheels.

If the vehicle is of the same type, it is prone to slippage on the same road segment or similar road segments. The measurement found that the position of the towing pin is relatively forward, which may be caused by the position of the towing pin. If the distance between the towing pin of the semi-trailer and the front of the trailer is too small , That is, if the front overhang is too small, it may cause insufficient grip of the above tires.
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