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What is an idler

by:Laike     2020-07-15

The car has parts. Each part has a very important role for the vehicle. So when you love the car, you must pay attention to the car’s general maintenance. I also pay attention to the overall situation of the car.

Idler wheels play a transitional role. The gear train parts will change the transmission relationship to make the gear train force more reasonable or meet the entire transmission system layout.

The two transmission gears in contact with each other play a transmission role and mesh with these two gears at the same time to change the direction of rotation of the passive gear. The gear is called an idler gear.

The idler gears are in contact with each other between the transmission gears to play a transmission role. The gear itself changes the transmission ratio and meshes with the two gears at the same time. It is used to change the direction of rotation of the passive gear to be the same as the driving gear. It only changes the steering and can change the transmission ratio through the idler gear. The wheelbase can be extended. The idler wheel is also called a bridge gear. Its number of teeth has no effect on the value of the transmission ratio, but it will affect the steering of the final wheel. The work wheel has a fixed energy storage function and is helpful to the stability of the system. Idle wheels are very common in machinery. It helps to connect the distant shaft

The cause of abnormal wear of the main and driven bevel gears in normal use

1. Failure to select the lubricant according to the instructions for use. The difference in the quality of lubricants does not protect the main and driven bevel gears. Abnormal wear occurs.

2. Abnormal wear and tear caused by reasonable assembly and adjustment during maintenance

3. The mating tooth surface standard of the driving and driven bevel gears causes abnormal wear of the driving and driven bevel gears

What is the role of the idler? I will introduce these to you. Finally remind you to pay attention to the situation of the car. You must also explain the common faults of the car to avoid accidents.
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