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What should I do with spare excavator parts when

by:Laike     2020-07-28
With a record of environmental protection punches across the country, most of the digging friends have returned home early for the New Year. At this time, the excavator will be idle. In order to be able to do a big job next year, we must 'wait' for our love machine. Laike excavator accessories editor compiled the following notes:

Excavator parts maintenance

1. Engine maintenance of idle excavator

1. In order to avoid the rust of the excavator parts, you can start the machine regularly to do some simple actions. Drain the antifreeze in the engine.

2. Fill with fuel oil, fuel additives can be added if possible.

3. Change the oil and filter, and check the status of the air filter and fuel filter. If serious pollution is found, replace it. .

4. Drain the antifreeze in the engine.

Cognex excavator parts maintenance

Second, maintain air conditioning

Air conditioners are not in use most of the time except in summer, and should be checked when the air conditioners are idle. It is best to ensure that the air conditioners are operated for 3 to 5 minutes every month to prevent long-term failures.

3. How to prevent rust

1. Not only the excavator, but also the idle work devices of other construction machinery should be rust-proofed, such as the screed of the paver, the bucket of the loader, the scraper of the grader, etc. butter.

2. Before storing the excavator, according to the size of the peeling area of ??the anti-rust paint on the outer surface, determine whether to use the paint repair method or the whole machine to repaint.

Shandong excavator accessories

Fourth, battery maintenance

For excavators that have been idle for a long time, it is best to remove the battery, and then place the battery in a dry and frost-proof place. Keep the surface clean and dry. It is strictly prohibited to place conductive objects on the battery. When removing the battery, first cut the negative wire. Then cut the positive wire, connect the positive wire first, and then connect the negative wire when installing, because the electrical system of the construction machinery is negative grounding, this is to prevent short circuit when disassembling the battery. In addition, the lead-acid battery should be charged once a month .

As the year approaches, the digging friends take care of their body and mind and are ready to do a big job in the coming year! Of course, your love machine also needs to 'serve' well, so that it can 'pay no effort'.
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