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Xiamen Xiagong Forklift Parts Market Trend Forecast

by:Laike     2020-07-26
(1) Foreign-funded forklift truck companies invest and set up factories in China to accelerate the development of the Chinese accessory market

  As China's forklift industry develops in depth, many foreign companies accelerate their investment in China, which will inevitably drive the development of the domestic forklift parts market.

(2) New energy forklift parts will become a hot spot for investment

   China has listed new energy vehicles as a strategic emerging industry, and the popularity of new energy forklifts has advantages over automobiles. Under this situation, domestic investment in new energy forklifts and key parts will continue to increase in the future.

(3) Mergers and acquisitions, overseas mergers and acquisitions will gradually accelerate

  The intensified price war in the vehicle market is also eroding the profit margins of the auto parts industry. OEMs are increasingly demanding to reduce costs and ensure profits. Although the output value of China's forklift parts industry is large, it has not exerted its scale effect, so the integration and reorganization of the forklift parts industry is also imperative. It is foreseeable that China's forklift parts industry will enter an accelerated integration phase in the next few years. On the one hand, scale effects can be achieved through horizontal and vertical integration between domestic companies; on the other hand, overseas mergers and acquisitions can be used to achieve production, market and other resources in the world. Optimized configuration of the scope and obtained advanced technology and management experience. Weichai Power's indirect wholly-owned subsidiary WeichaiPower (Luxembourg) Holding S.àr.l. (Weichai Luxembourg) holds a total of 33.3% of the total issued shares of KION Group AG (Kiao Group). Weichai Power, Linde Hydraulics The further strategic cooperation of Eaton in the United States and the years of cooperation between Weichai and Bosch have contributed to the rapid development of the accessory market.

(4) The development of clustering will promote the rapid growth of regional economy

  The sales volume of the whole forklift in East China, South China, Central China and North China accounted for more than 80% of domestic sales, and the parts industry basically formed an industrial cluster nationwide. Industrial clustering makes the division of labor finer, more specialized, and easier to achieve scale, making information more centralized and faster, the pace of technological innovation faster, logistics easier to organize, and the economic benefits have been significantly improved.

(V) Changes in product development strategies, collaborative development between OEMs and supporting enterprises

The product development strategy of forklift parts companies will change from a single independent R&D to a model of independent R&D, collaborative development, cooperative development, and technology introduction and coexistence. .

Collaborative development: The supporting supplier develops products according to the direction specified by the OEM or the OEM cooperates with the supporting enterprise to develop supporting parts suitable for the market, while reducing unnecessary time and effort wasted in the OEM seeking to develop supporting enterprises , For the development of their own enterprises.

  Cooperative development: strengthen cooperation with other manufacturers to jointly develop products. There is a saying that there is no eternal competitor, the biggest competitor is also the biggest friend, cooperate with some domestic excellent supporting enterprises to jointly develop the market, become a high-quality supporting enterprise in the industry, and develop in the direction of high quality, good service and high cost performance. At the same time, cooperate with international advanced enterprises to learn advanced management concepts from them.

(6) Influenced by emerging logistics industries such as e-commerce and cold chain


   The emergence of the emerging logistics industry, the impact on the forklift industry will also affect the accessories industry.

The scale of online shopping in China has driven the demand for e-commerce logistics equipment. For e-commerce logistics, it is necessary to provide efficient and intensive automated warehouse logistics solutions, advanced automation, and intelligent logistics equipment. It can display a variety of information such as fork lift height, cargo weight, fault display and accident code to manage the fleet. Correspondingly, the accessory industry needs to develop accessories suitable for e-commerce logistics equipment. The special requirements of the e-commerce industry require faster services in the supply of accessories, because the labor intensity is greater than other industries, and the quality requirements of the products will be higher.

  The operating environment of cold storage in cold chain logistics is more severe than the normal working conditions. The refrigerated forklift used must have the characteristics of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, waterproof, low temperature resistance, and its reliability and stability requirements are higher. The requirements for the selection of accessories are also different. For example, rubber parts need to be selected for low temperature materials, control devices must have excellent waterproof performance, liquid crystal displays and electrical systems need sealing and heating devices, wheels generally use low hardness materials, and the surface is grooved. Prevent slippage and have a certain carrying capacity.

(7) Influenced by the Internet, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, and cloud computing technologies


  With the rapid development of information technology, especially the maturity of the Internet, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, and cloud computing technology, the application of big data has been promoted. With the advent of the era of big data, the forklift parts industry is not only a technological change, but the first is the change in thinking, and the business model will change. Paying attention to the opportunities in the era of big data, it will again find a set of potentials for tapping value for each enterprise; change the supply channel from the two dimensions of time and space through the change of business model. In the past, supply determines demand, and in the future The more they start to push back from the demand, the forklift parts companies will pay more attention to the market demand and redesign the corresponding supply according to the demand mode; in the era of big data, the direction of service has also begun to move towards dynamic and personalized development.
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